"Hire happy." It's the best advice I've ever heard, whether you're a business owner or in human resources. If propelling a brand is part of your job, remember to hire happy. Your employees will be the most effective messengers in your entire marketing strategy, if — and it's a big if — you hire the right employees.

During a time in which "recession" and "unemployment" dominate the media verbiage, competition for jobs is more intense than ever. As someone in a hiring position, you'll likely find yourself quickly faced with a stack of resumes representing over-qualified candidates several inches thick. Don't panic.

More important than education, internships, or work experience, a candidate needs to demonstrate an enthusiasm in his or her attitude. Enthusiasm translates into a willingness to learn. If someone is willing to learn, teach them — teach them your brand narrative and its principles. If you teach someone those things, they will become an ambassador for your brand. An enthusiastic ambassador is invaluable to a brand strategist.

So you find a resume that you think may be worth an interview. Your job as an interviewer is to identify a candidate that will be a good fit for the company…but that’s only half the story. The other half of your job description is to identify whether or not you as a company will be a good fit for that candidate. Hiring happy is one thing; hiring someone that stays happy is another.

When scrolling through the hundreds (thousands?) of job applications for that open position you just posted online, make sure you know what you're hiring for. Yes, you’re looking for a new administrative assistant or sales rep or even IT manager, but regardless of the position, you’re also looking for a new brand ambassador.

“Hire happy, and the rest will settle itself.” But don’t forget to make sure they stay happy.