Cameron MacPherson
Co-Founder / Solutions Architect

Cameron MacPherson : Co-Founder / Solutions Architect

Cameron is passionate about both technology and the humanities, and although he has worked within information technologies both professionally and vocationally for most of his life. His degree is in Legal Studies and Political Science/International Relations, as is the area of focus for many of his side projects, which include wildlife preservation, writing, and research on how advanced energy technologies can be used to solve the root cause of social problems worldwide. As a systems analyst/engineer and web developer, Cameron architects solutions to fix problems and meet goals from the ground up, a service he has provided in the past to both the private, public and philanthropic sectors. He thoroughly enjoys the accessibility of direct client relations and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done, and thus is no stranger to late night phone calls before product releases and code pushes. Aside from professional and academic pursuits, Cameron enjoys the outdoors and an active lifestyle, as well as reading, keeping informed on current affairs, philosophizing, martial arts, working with wood and cars, and skiing. One day, he swears he'll try his hand at fly fishing.

Favorite question: Who are you to change the world?

Favorite answer: Who are you not to?